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[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-cog-alt” layout_type=”6″ iconbox_heading=”Development” color_heading=”#dd9933″ spy=”uk-animation-slide-left”]Our company is here to help you have the best experience by far. From any questions you might have to planning for your upcoming goals, we’re here to help you achieve your dream look.[/dt_iconbox]

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-truck” layout_type=”6″ iconbox_heading=”Execution” color_heading=”#dd9933″ spy=”uk-animation-slide-left”]Our representatives are certified and stay current with continuous certifications to ensure we are up-to-date on all of the newest information, laws, and regulations, in our field. We will build your layout to code and to your standards.[/dt_iconbox]

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-sound” layout_type=”6″ iconbox_heading=”Breakdown” color_heading=”#dd9933″ spy=”uk-animation-slide-left”]In the same professional manner in which we built your set-up, we will break it down. No need to stress over anything. Leave it to us.[/dt_iconbox]



Global Expositions LLC was started due to the vision of answering the needs of the client with one stop. Our team of professionals understand the industry and the need for timely and reliable service. Global Expositions LLC provides help from every phase of development, whether the blueprint or the physical manifestation of the project, Global Expositions LLC is geared toward the clients needs and the industry standard.

John Sims, founder of Global Expositions LLC, has been in the Trade Show industry for over 24 years and has traveled all around the country with this industry.


Here at Global Exposition LLC, we are dedicated to you and all your different trade show needs.

We have over 24 years experience on the business and we’ve won several awards for the best . But, our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer.


Our Mission Is Your Success

We know it’s difficult to put together a trade show exhibit. And that is why we want to have a hands on approach to make your set-up a success from the planning stages to the complete break down. We have you covered.

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[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-pencil-2″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Design” color_heading=”#0294cf”]It is a rare design proposal that actually asks to fulfill a strategy or tell a story. We believe the story should come first. After all, could you build a stage set for an unwritten play? Your story must resonate with your attendees and then facilitate a desired action.

It’s no secret that full-color, photo-quality, high-resolution digital graphics at your event will catch people’s attention. That’s why we provide you with the highest-quality digital graphics available in almost any size. Our in-house design teams  will ship out and produce signage and other graphics in any size imaginable, all created to produce breathtaking results.[/dt_iconbox]

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-truck-1″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Transportation” color_heading=”#0294cf”]With the tools and resources that Global Expositions LLC  provides, exhibit transportation issues are a thing of the past. We offer full-service transportation and customs brokerage services for both show organizers and exhibitors.

We offer our transportation services at a competitive price.

Capabilities include a domestic infrastructure that covers multiple-origins and destinations within the United States.[/dt_iconbox]

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-eye” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Supervision” color_heading=”#0294cf”]All labor is local. You should be working with a supplier with local labor contacts all over the United States. We believe in saving you money because you often enjoy rates that match show rates but without a mark-up. When dealing with Global Expositions LLC  we believe in utilizing local resources to insure the most knowledgeable people are in place for your project. Any job, small or large, will still receive the same quality customer service.[/dt_iconbox]

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-picture-4″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Graphics” color_heading=”#0294cf”]Graphic capabilities include:

  • Accent graphic photo panels
  • Descending staircase graphics and other special applications
  • Exhibit graphics
  • Customizable graphics for any size event


[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-ok-2″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Carpet” color_heading=”#0294cf”]If you need carpet for your event,  we have great prices less expensive than the General Contractor.[/dt_iconbox]